Welcome to Gamepinions!

Welcome to Gamepinions!

If you are reading this, chances are you are the first human life form to stumble across Gamepinions. Don’t panic! While its true that you may be the Christopher Columbus of the internet, try to take a deep breath, relax, and read the rest of this post, it will contain some general information about your latest discovery.

What is Gamepinions?

Gamepinions, for all intents and purposes, is a PodCast/YouTube channel, that provides gaming content. Right now we are currently working on our PodCast and also Let’s Plays as well, but in the future, we intend on expanding upon the content we provide. But as it stands right now, we are just trying to go through all of the growing pains, to become competent content creators.

Why Does Gamepinions Exist?

Gamepinions, in many ways, is the virtual embodiment of all of my goals and ambitions. I have always wanted to start something and be apart of something really special, and I can’t help but think that this project is just that. Gamepinions will be a one man show to start out with, but it won’t always be that way. Gamepinions isn’t about “me” or “I”, it is about “we” and “us”. It exists because we really want it to; we want to grow and improve, and Gamepinions will help us do that.


Everyone has goals and ambitions, Gamepinions is no different. Our goal is simple. We want to provide something, to others, that others were able to provide for us. Everyone has something that they look forward to. Whether it be playing a game at the end of long day, listening to music, watching anime, reading a book, maybe even listening to a PodCast. For me, it is spending time with people I care about, playing games, watching anime, listening to podcasts, and keeping up with Eagles football. We know that life can be hard, so we want to give people something to look forward to everyday. We want to ride shotgun with you on your way to and from work. We want to help you hit that extra mile or next weight goal. As your life changes we hope to change with you. We want to be apart of your life, cheering you on from the sidelines by making you content that you enjoy.

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