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67: 2021 Game Of The Year Special

In this episode, I go over all of our previous game of the year winners and then declare the winner for 2021. Admittedly, 2021 was pretty uneventful in the games department for me. In 2021 I focused on not spending money on a lot of new games and consoles, and instead started tackling my embarrassingly large backlog. While it was refreshing, I would definitely like to play more new releases this year. All that being said, while our game of the year may not have had a ton of competition, I don’t want to take away from how special it was/ is.

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66: Metroid Dread, The Best Deal In Gaming

In this episode, Jon and I ramble on about our feelings on the latest installment in the Metroid franchise. For Jon, the long wait is finally over, after waiting years for a sequel to Metroid Fusion. For me, this is closer to an introduction into the 2D Metroid series. How did each of us fare on our respective adventures? You will have to listen to find out.

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63: Sony Doesn’t Know When PS5 Shortages Will End

In this episode of Gamepinions, I talk about God of War: Ragnarok’s delay and the fact that the game is now also coming to PlayStation 4. This could all be due to Covid, and I completely trust Santa Monica’s decision to delay the game. However, I think there could be for a different reason for this big decision.

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