43: Animal Crossing Has Taken Over Everything

Welcome to Gamepinions Episode 43: Animal Crossing Has Taken Over Everything. We are recording this inside of our brand new Animal Crossing studio on the island of Raftel.

For the first time in a long time, I can say that this episode and future episodes, will be worth listening to on YouTube. The days of our YouTube videos being static images is no more. This time we are going to give you all something fun and interesting to look at. Of course this episode can be enjoyed from the comfort of your favorite podcast app as well.

In this episode we talk about Animal Crossing’s rise up the sales charts and how it has become completely mainstream, even weeks after its release. We also talk about our current experience with it and our island goals.

Gamepinions has now been around for 2 years, and now more than ever we are committed to creating awesome and engaging content. We will continue to grow and become better podcasters. You can now look forward to having a Gamepinions Episode every Thursday.

Thank you for your support and as always please share this your friends!

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